CASA ARBOL - Seven Haus


5 beds 4 baths

Casa Arbol, aptly named for its ascent into the tree tops, is an experience for all the senses. The main living area features fully windowed doors, with three double-sided fireplaces on the first floor alone which pair with two full-glass garage doors for a dramatic and memorable effect. We blend elements of the surrounding nature with a sultry ambiance and give the illusion of air elements mixing with fire.

As we continue to explore, we discover each individual floor mirrors the corresponding environmental elevation. We begin on the first floor with grounded, moody colors and tones. Moving to the second floor, a lightness is conveyed by bringing in soft earth tones to reflect the tree line. As we enter the third floor, we see hints of airy, cloud-like surroundings which reflect the sky around us. With a floating bed, a fiber optic ceiling, and a wall of window in master bath, we bring sky and stars into this majestic dwelling space.

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
Branding + Site Design Studio AO